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people and buildings

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Waste Flow

From waste to energy in real-time
UbiQloud solution is being developed in the waste collection systems around southern Finland. Distributed system collects real-time data from the key logistical points in the waste collecting infrastructure.

Building usage

Real estate occupation level monitoring
Aalto University Properties Ltd is the owner and developer of the iconic properties designed by the late architect Alvar Aalto. RealSense solution has been utilized to collect data to analyze the usage patterns of the campus area buildings.

Energy consumption

Energy metrics for building automation
RealSense sensor network was utilized in an escalator energy consumption measurement test. The load and performance of two different escalator types were compared in the Helsinki subway system.
Age of sensible waste
Ongoing ecological change and legislative procedures are permanently shifting the standards in waste and energy production. Financial and value chain analysis of the waste management industry has shown that costs could be reduced with the help of logistical optimization.
Waste intelligence in Southern Finland
  • Scalable waste collection service
  • Web interface planning tools
  • Live analytics and alerts
  • Dynamic retrospective views
  • Supports strong identification
  • Waste management data export
Waste collection services in numbers
  • 500 million euro annual collecting in Finland
    (Suomen Kuvalehti, 2010)
  • 5 billion euro annual collecting in Europe
    (Frost & Sullivan, 2011)
  • 35 billion euro annual collecting in US
    (IBIS World, 2012)
Real estate occupation level monitoring
Maintenance of organizational infrastructure requires a significant amount of resources. Geographical and environmental locations establishes unique requirements for buildings and their users. Aalto university utilizes RealSense sensor network to gain insight into use of their buildings.
Aalto buildings in Otaniemi
  • IR motion sensor
  • RealSense network for people counting
  • Real-time data feed from key traffic points
  • Secure anonymous user statistics
  • Open data API and RSS feed
  • Multi-channel service access
Buildings and software in numbers
  • 173.2 million buildings (EU)
    (Green Criteria JRC IPTS, 2011
  • 555 million websites
    (, 2011)
  • 727 500 mobile apps
    (AppStore, 2012)
Smarter everyday life
Cities are filled with technologies enabling smoother transit. The energy consumption patterns mobilizing the engines behind the flows of people and goods are largely invisible. Hakaniemi subway station utilized RealSense sensor network to analyze escalator energy consumption.
Subway station in Helsinki
  • RealSense sensor for people counting
  • Wireless low energy motion sensor (2m<)
  • Retrospective data collection
  • 24/7 autonomous operation
  • Secure consumption and traffic data export
Conveyor transport in numbers
  • 10 million elevators & escalators globally
    (Koncept Analytics, 2010)
  • 4.8 million elevators (EU)
    (ACEEE, 2011)
  • 75 000 escalators (EU)
    (ACEEE, 2011)